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Chartered Companies Encyclopedia.com

Details: The companies were an alternative to the fleet system, by which once a year, each of two treasure ship convoys left Spain at different times, one to Veracruz and the other to Terra Firme. By the early eighteenth century the fleet system was generally acknowledged to be seriously outmoded to the needs of empire. It was slow, costly, and because

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The Mcgraw-hill Companies Inc Encyclopedia.com

Details: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., a leading international multimedia publishing and information company, caters to the education, business, industrial, professional, and government markets through books, magazines, film, and a myriad of worldwide electronic networks.

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State Corporations Encyclopedia.com

Details: Savvy private businessmen exploited major state companies as contractors and suppliers who regularly overcharged for their goods and services; the result was the socialization of the costs and the privatization of the profits. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. Treasury championed the now widely resented "Washington

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The 1910s Business and the Economy: Topics in the News

Details: The Clayton Antitrust Act outlawed monopolies (companies that had complete ownership of a product or service, and thereby controlled supply and price of that product or service). Also, the act legalized peaceful strikes, picketing, and organized boycotting (publicly refusing, as a group, to buy from a company as a means of showing disapproval

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American President Companies Ltd. Encyclopedia.com

Details: American President Companies Ltd. operates container shipping services by container ships on Pacific and Indian Ocean trade lanes, conducts transportation services between major Asian and North American cities and commercial centers, and serves the transportation needs of North America with an

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Tobacco Industry Encyclopedia.com

Details: By the 1970s the two most influential tobacco companies were Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, with the popularity of their respective "Marlboro" and "Winston" brands. Another trend in the 1980s was the consumer interest in discount cigarettes, partly in response to the substantial increases in cigarette taxes. The 1990s saw an increasing

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The Business of America: The Economy in the 1920s

Details: Three years later Model Ts were being turned out at the rate of one every ninety minutes. Just as predicted, the cost of a Model T fell accordingly, from $850 in 1910 to as low as $260 by the end of the decade. At the beginning of the 1920s, a number of automobile …

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